Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stiff Little Fingers - Alter Your Native Land

Stiff Little Fingers, Northern Ireland, Ulster Troubles

People are sayin honest things...we were just tired of all the shit that your ma and da tell's a load of balls....look what its done for this country...2000 people dead for what.....I mean who wants a united Ireland....who wants to be in a United Kingdom or makes no odds to me like....I'm still standing at the corner every night and goin down to the Harp Bar - John T Davis' Shell Shock Rock (1979)

Saw Stiff Little Fingers tonight at The Forum in London's Kentish Town - nearly 30 years since the first time I saw them in George Best City. Ali McMordie looks like Billy Wright's twin and the audience resembled an English Defence League disco or the post-production party on This Is England. Pretty mighty stuff to come from your home postcode though let's face it.

Time to put it in the past and fly safe home back to Belfast - Picadilly Circus (1981)

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