Monday, May 23, 2011

George Best - The Torch In The Infinite

George Best @ Saturday Buddha

The visit of the Queen to Dublin's Garden of Remembrance last week naturally focused attention on various matters of residual moral import. This by way of the civilian and military victims of IRA terrorism in the modern conflict and consideration of what particularly radical Republican legends of yore would have felt about such an historic display of royal respect in a still-partitioned island.

Either way the endgame choreography has unequivocally reached final closure against the lunatic continuity of a dissident threat on one side and the long threatened civilianization of remaining Loyalist groups on the other - the delay in the latter strata of conflict transformation seems to be completely gauged to keeping one local Northern Ireland security journalist in employment into perpetuity.

Yesterday in turn would have been George Best's 65th birthday. Best, as one of the most individually gifted personalities in global social history and with a charismatic appeal that could only be replicated again on celluloid, unequivocally gave all the people of Ulster something to be proud of in the darkest days of the Troubles when there was NOTHING.

Days of bloodshed, anger, fear, betrayal, suspicion, hatred, mass murder and appallingly parochial political mediocrity. As one poster on a tribute forum to Best once noted, tens of thousands of Northern Ireland people who lived through the Troubles were truly gifted with self-respect within themselves and from outside parties which he alone forged by the man he was in the midst of absolute blanket societal collapse.

You are not missing much down here George but you left us way too soon.

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