Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jimmy Savile - The Halloween Roadshow

Jimmy Savile

 And so our national broadcaster's flagship news and current and affairs documentary has now transmitted a forensic and shame-faced enquiry into the editorial failings of the corporation's weeknight news analysis programme and their decision to drop an expose of teenage rampager Sir Jimmy Jangles and his industrial fiddling.

The various glowing tributes shown upon Savile's death in counterpoise to the grim truth were most certainly examples of  base and shameless media manipulation and let alone with regard to a subject whose worst-case scenario outplay as it devolves may not be the kind of matter to discuss with your maiden aunt.

Scary no-fucking-nonsense northern hard man Sir Jimmy certainly gauged the soft white southern middle class, suburban, nerdish, semi-feudal, class-ridden, po-faced, nepotistic, faux-jolly, sneering, colonial, oddball, drink-sodden, pompous, margarine-bland, backslapping and smug working culture at the BBC to a tee and acted accordingly with help of some selectively blind eyeballs that are now luxuriating in the cosy warmth of public-funded pensions.

The only redeeming factor in this whole sordid mess being the fact that the greatest television show of all on the BBC in the Seventies was an American import anyway with regard to Phil Silvers' Sgt Bilko and his japes and scams at Fort Baxter and Camp Fremont for CBS.

Either way, and surpassing even the dynamics of our spiv economy and Ponzi-housing market, this is surely a new low in the uniquely awful social dissolution of our country into a moral desert.

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