Friday, October 12, 2012

Jimmy Savile - The Fall Of The House Of Fab

Jimmy Savile

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain's Downfall was an analysis of the death of Glasgow Rangers football club set against the clear background of the failure of the mainstream Scottish media to focus on the club's Olympian financial problems. Bhain notes with regard to his own blog's crusade to provide accurate financial data on the matter for public consumption and indeed the radical new dispensation of our times:

The digital revolution, like all such paradigm shifts, is no respecter of tradition or reputation. Revolutions are by their nature convulsive events, releasing such a torrent of pent-up energy that they destroy that which had previously seemed timeless and immovable.

And hence into the most disastrous fortnight in the history of our national broadcaster and the household name of Sir Jimmy Jangles that may well be engraved on its tombstone.

The revelations now firestorming their way across the digital networks of the world throw a grim light on both unsavoury sexual mores of the Sixties and Seventies and the astounding notion that the most incomprehensible urban legends and folk myths of our country's social history were based on literal fact and accepted wisdom after all - this as aided by institutional failings of both criminal dimension and Herculean proportion.

And so another treasured memory of British childhood - the annual joyous thumb through the Seventies Christmas Radio Times for the golden hours of family entertainment ahead in our frost-kissed and beloved island home - heads towards the same old overflowing maggoty dustbin of historical sorrow, loss and shame.

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